Utility code, comprised of modules too small to warrant separate incubator projects

Definition of utilitarian: “designed to be useful or practical rather than attractive.”

The intent here is simple: “designed to be useful and practical then attractive.”

Absolutely nothing to do with utilitarianism.

Module List

Module Description
io.earcam.utilitarian.io In/Output stream extensions
io.earcam.utilitarian.io.file Recursive file operations
io.earcam.utilitarian.net javax.net utility, primarily to fudge SSL for testing
io.earcam.utilitarian.web.jaxrs Common client code for javax.ws.rs
io.earcam.utilitarian.charstar java.lang.CharSequence is woefully under-used and under-supported IMO... Tiny module named "charstar" in homage to C's char*
io.earcam.utilitarian.security KeyPair, KeyStore and Certificate utilities
io.earcam.utilitarian.log.slf4j Programmatic logging control for test support
io.earcam.utilitarian.site.search.offline Static site search functionality
io.earcam.utilitarian.site.deploy.netlify Site upload, API integration for Netlify
io.earcam.utilitarian.site.sitemap Create robots.txt, sitemaps and sitemap-indices, submit to search engines

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Version: 1.2.1. Last Published: 2018-11-25.

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